India: The Impotence Capital Of The World

Impotence seems to be the most common complaint that you deal with. Can you tell us why?

India is the impotence capital of the world, not just in sheer numbers but also in prevalence rates. Impotence affects over 50 per cent of males above 40, and contributing causes are heart disease, hypertension, excessive smoking and drinking. In India there has been a steep rise in heart ailments, and this has also been reflected in the rise in levels of impotency. And it isn’t an all-or-nothing scenario. You can have decreasing levels of rigidity, and even if a person isn’t completely impotent they might not be able to perform. Now we have machines that can measure rigidity, and we have moved beyond early thinking on the subject.

You also have a lot of clients obsessed with the idea that their penis is too small. Is that an Indian thing?

At some level, most men have some issues about size. You see it in nature—if you’re a small elephant you don’t mess with the bigger elephant, and people believe the same about penis size. Most people also don’t know what is a normal size—about four inches when rigid—and they tend to get information only through porn films, in which most actors are chosen for the length of their penises. It isn’t a particularly Indian problem; I get e-mails from all over the world about it.

How often do you have to deal with partners with differing libidos?

This is the rule rather than the exception. It’s only during the initial honeymoon period that libidos tend to match, but after babies, and when work starts taking more of a person’s time, the couple become less involved with each other, and don’t take the time to look good. It’s rarely the “happily ever after” that is written in storybooks, except for couples that keep working at it.

Have sexual practices changed significantly since? How?

There is a whole new openness about things. People are more willing to talk about sex; it isn’t a taboo subject. Before you couldn’t talk about oral sex, now it isn’t a big deal, and people are increasingly experimental. You have missionary position aunties trying out garters and whips to rekindle the spark in their sex lives. I think it’s all for the good as long as these things are practiced safely.

How important is love in sex?

Beyond a one-night-stand, you must have some connection to the other person if you are going to continue a sexual relationship; lust alone doesn’t last long. You develop this by talking, holding hands, and learning to live with each other. And you don’t have to have a six-pack or to have breasts jutting out to have good sex. I’ve known a number of plain Janes and plain Jacks who have a great sex life, and it has to do with how they relate to each other.

How does pre-marital sex affect relationships after marriage?

Any pre-marital sex molds your future relationships by setting benchmarks. Traumatic relationships—involving rape or molestation—can often affect future relationships. This is especially true if such relationships are combined with great sex, because people will seek fulfillment in ways that are bad for them. In such cases you need to talk to an expert, rather than tell all to your partner. Today almost everybody has a past, and so the best policy is ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ or to keep it brief.

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What role does masturbation play, if any, in sexuality?

Autoeroticism is an important part of your sexuality, and for a number of people who wish to remain sexually self-sufficient this is very important, as fantasies are often better than the real thing. I know people who have been cleaned out in a divorce; for them this is a way to deal with things. Especially for men, many of whom wouldn’t be able to concentrate on their day-to-day work if it wasn’t for a quick trip to the loo.

Does sex addiction really exist?

Of course; among both men and women, although it is more common among men. These are people you feel sorry for, and I receive such cases quite regularly. It does not even have to be practiced sex, and can be limited to dirty talk over the phone, or checking out porn on the Internet. I know many ‘porn widows’, whose husbands have become addicted to chatting to strangers on the Internet, with a morphed picture of Marilyn Monroe or some other sex symbol, while they have a completely asexual relationship with their wife. These people need therapy, and there are Sex Addicts Anonymous groups, as well as rehab centers. It can become a very serious problem, destroying marriages and the finances of a person.

Can you tell us about male menopause?

I usually see at least one case every day. It usually begins with a complaint of reduced vitality, listlessness, mood swings—and hidden within it is the sexual complaint, of reduced interest and capability. People take some time to accept that such a thing is happening to them because they are unused to thinking in this regard.

You mention that women seem to be better informed about both their own, and their partner’s, sexual issues. Why is that?

A quarter of the cases that I see are brought in by women. This is often because men and women are educated at different levels, and women are much more assertive if they are better educated; and if there is a problem they are willing to bring their husbands to the clinic. Sometimes the husbands are busy, or unwilling to face the issue, and in the much more open atmosphere that we live in, wives are willing to schedule the appointments.

What is the state of sex education in India? Where do most people pick up their knowledge of sex?

The state of sex education is pathetic. The official books are too dry. Kids want to have multiple orgasms, but also safety. They want to know whether oral sex is all right. But none of the sexual education tools address these issues. The only ones that do are serials like The Bold & the Beautiful or Sex and the City on TV, and this is where children are learning their sexual mores—in which mothers-in-law run off with their sons-in-law, or the image is given that people are just born to copulate. Our politicians add their own hypocrisy. In Bangalore recently, there was a front-page story of a politician who opposed sex education, caught red-handed with his mistress. That’s why I wrote my book, in a way to take the law into my own hands and help educate people on common issues.

What is the typical profile of your patients? Has that changed over the last decade?

In 1989—when I opened my clinic—it had a glass door, and men would slink about, and slip in when they saw nobody looking. By ’94, it was largely single men coming in, but much more upfront about their problems. By 1999, I had families and even panchayats bringing patients. And now, I have families, and even wives booking the appointments for their husbands. I have villagers who can’t speak English, and executives who fly in on their private jets, and even a lot of medical tourists. My oldest patient is an 86-year-old man, so I truly have people coming from all walks of life, of all ages! I also have patients coming to me for the micro-surgical technique I pioneered to deal with Peyronie’s disease. This is a condition in which a lump or nodule develops in the penile shaft.


7 Reasons Why Indian Women Stay In Sexless Marriages Which Shouldn’t Be The Case

Seventy two percent married Indian women interviewed for a survey by a medical portal in 2015 confessed that they were dissatisfied with their sex lives. Let that figure sink in: 72% of the women the portal surveyed.

In comparison, 98% of the men interviewed by the portal said they were quite happy with their sex lives.

Considering women in India are conditioned to believe that sexual gratification is not an important aspect of their lives, the figures are probably not deeply shocking. Therapists HuffPost India spoke to revealed that most women struggling with sexless marriages don’t even consider the lack of sex may be a root of their troubles.

“Never wash your dirty linen in public”, we’ve heard women from older generations tell us, and we have internalised it to the extent that women don’t even talk about it to doctors at times.

“The lack of sexual compatibility is the root cause of isolation for a woman in a marriage. This manifests in depression or ‘crying cycles’. During therapy, we try to dig deeper and unravel the genesis of the constant fights and discontentment. In most cases it stems from sexless marriages,” says Priyanka Shah, counseling psychologist from Mumbai.

So what forces Indian women, some of whom are economically independent, to stay in sexually incompatible relationships?

1. Sexual gratification is not important in a marriage

There is hardly any discussion around the need for sexual satisfaction of married women in India. This taboo leads to a lack of awareness for both the wife and the husband. Since discussing it is considered vulgar, women often feel sexual gratification is not important in a marriage.

“Is he abusive?” “Is he financially unstable?” “Does he have an extramarital affair”? If the answers to these questions are a “NO”, then the woman starts believing that sex is not the most important factor for a healthy and happy union. “She doesn’t even realise that she could be deprived of her basic rights. And this is mostly due to social conditioning, where a sexless marriage is not considered the worst kind of marriage to be in,” says Shah.

The prospect of finding another partner, who could tick all the right boxes, also seems impossible to a married woman in India. The fear of the unknown works like a trap, and she prefers to stay in her current sexless marriage.

2. Sex was never good, so there is nothing to miss

Often, women choose to stay off sex than be disappointed by it. This could happen due to a number of reasons, says Anindita Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist and Reproductive Health Consultant from Kolkata. If a woman’s sexperience has not been satisfactory right from the beginning, she gradually tends to lose interest in the act.

“Instances, where the couple plan sex but cannot really see it through, make the experience frustrating for the woman. Her partner’s premature ejaculation or losing erection while insertion, or lack of foreplay, could leave her dissatisfied and dry,” says Chowdhury.

This makes sex less enjoyable or inviting for the woman, and she chooses to voluntarily stay off it. With less sex comes low self esteem, which stops her from discussing her needs with her husband. More often than not, the wife internalises it and even shifts the blame on to herself.

3. A convenient, parallel sex life outside marriage

It is a myth that Indian women do not crave for sex as much as the men do. Another convenient misbelief is that women want fewer sexual partners. If sex within marriage is not satisfactory, they are more than willing to look outside. Indian women are, in fact, open to leading parallel sex lives.

“Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are as popular with married women in India, as they are with single ladies. I have had clients tell me they use escort services. And they do not feel guilty about it,” says Chowdhury.

For a married woman, a parallel sex life would mean having one or more partner than the husband. These are mostly men she considers attractive and good enough to bed, but not be in a relationship with.

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4. The belief that compatibility and sex are the same

This may come as a shock to most, but experts say emotional compatibility has nothing to do with sexual satisfaction. You could be best friends with your husband. You both could even be deeply in love. But even that may not guarantee a fulfilling sexual relationship.

“What we do not realise is that sex and compatibility are two separate issues. Most Indian couples feel it is more important to live harmoniously. We, as a society, just don’t talk about the need for sexual gratification in marriages,” says Shah.

According to Shah, women she has met often stay in sexually-deprived marriages because they are emotionally attached to their husbands. Living with someone for months or years can turn into a fond habit that one cannot get rid of easily.

5. Feeling responsible for the lack of sex in marriage

More often than not married women feel responsible for their husbands’ actions. They blame themselves for their sexual incompatibility and can even feel guilty of their own bodily needs. The fear of being judged silences them into leading sexless marriages.

Most Indian families do not view sexual incompatibility as a reason for separation. Often, the woman’s upbringing does not allow her the space to discuss marital problems with anyone, including her own partner. As a result, she continues to live in a sexless marriage.

6. Balancing work and family kills the woman’s sexual urge

Caught between work and family, Indian women lose their appetite for sex. According to Chowdhury, married women often complain that the burden of taking care of the home, children and extended family is on them. So, unlike men, who can unwind after office hours, it becomes impossible for them to relax. Naturally, a woman’s body shuts down when in bed and she suppresses her desire for sex.

“She feels overworked and the bed looks more inviting for a peaceful night of sleep than sex. So even if the husband is willing, the woman may postpone sex for weekends and holidays. This leads to frustration for both her and her husband,” says Chowdhury.

7. The fear of financial insecurity and raising kids alone

Despite sexual incompatibility, Indian women try their best to salvage their marriage. A big reason for this is the need for financial stability. This is true for both working women and homemakers.

And, when you add children to this equation, the woman’s personal satisfaction takes a backseat, says Chowdhury. The need to ensure education and a safe future for their children takes precedence.

“Indian mothers stay in sexless and loveless marriages as long as they know their kids are safe. This need to protect and maintain the ‘complete family’ image often comes with a price,” says Shah.

The fear of living alone and running the show solo are such big hurdles, that Indian married women choose to stay in sexless marriages. Often all their lives.


Every Indian Should Experience Casual Sex Relationships

Flings, Casual Sex, Friends-with-Benefits, etc. – These are some of the very common topics amongst today’s youth. With the advent of the internet and the whole plethora of dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, etc., and of course the usual like Facebook, Hangouts and Hike, the dating world has gained a whole new momentum.

Hooking up with someone has never been easier and seriously speaking, relationships don’t have any black or white areas anymore. They have grey areas.

But then, let’s come to the Indian domain where our apparent “sanskar” does not allow us to refer to such stuff and till date makes girls think that losing their virginities before marriage will destroy their lives. We all like to hear these terms in English movies and series but when trying them out, we never have any guts to actually come out in the open. Folks, If you are ready to westernize your closet and your lifestyle, don’t you think that you should first start being open to westernized concepts and open thoughts?

Everyone should try and understand that these new concepts of flings not bad even if they go against the conventional Indian idea of dating only for the purpose of making a good catch for marriage and securing your future.

However, before I start off with a rant, I would like to stop right there and first actually try and explain the differences between the above mentioned terms and of course how they don’t make a girl a ‘Slut’ or a guy a ‘Stud’.


So, the first one in my list is the term “Friends with Benefits”. This means that the guy and the girl know each other and are actually quite friendly. And, they have a pact of fulfilling each other’s sexual needs and that is where their relationship stops.

Advantage – No complexities in relationship, just physical attraction.

Drawback –  They might develop feelings for each other. (Both Hollywood & Bollywood agree on this.)


The next one would be of course a “fling” where a guy and girl are not at all interested in each other’s personal lives but would love to talk to each other, continue dating for a week or two and may even have sexual relations but that is it.

Advantage – No emotional quotient involved as you don’t even know the person that well.

Drawback – You are branded as “heartbreaker”, “Dhokebaaaaaaaaj

Casual Sex and Hook-ups

Last but not the least are my two favourite words “casual sex” and “hook-ups” in which the emotional quotient is minimal; they only meet up for sex.

Here, there is literally no drama, zero. But you need to have protection aaaaaaaaall the time!


6 Tips For Having a Threesome Without Ruining Your Relationship in The Process

Finding your third wheel is truly one of the hardest parts of having a threesome. It’s like porn meme. Dan Savage calls them “unicorns” because it’s so rare to find a person who: a) you are both attracted to, b) is attracted to both of you in return, c) is willing to sleep you no strings attached, and d) is sane enough to not wreak havoc on your relationship. It’s a tall order!

So many people have fantasies of the perfect threesome situation effortlessly presenting itself on a silver platter, but this is rarely the case in reality. It looks easy on erotic film though. The bottom line is that setting up a successful threesome takes work. If you really want to make this happen, you’re going to have to try harder. Here’s where I suggest you start.

Step 1: Decide If It’s Actually Worth It

If you guys have been half-heartedly trying to make this happen for a year, it might be time to reevaluate. Do you want to keep waiting for it to magically happen on its own, and if so, are you fine with the very real possibility that it might not ever happen? Does it feel like it’s time to step it up and put in a little more effort? Or will this end up to a person who got divorced?

Sometimes having the topless waitress fantasy is more fun than actually living it out. When it’s just a fantasy, you and your boyfriend can dream up endless scenarios and details, watch threesome porn, or read erotic threesome stories. When it’s a reality, you might have one awesome night to reminisce about, or you might have a flurry of awkward and uncomfortable memories.

Step 2: Get Clear On Your Boundaries

So you’ve thought about it and decided you do want to go ahead with trying to have a threesome. The next step is to make sure you’re both crystal clear about what you’re looking for.

Talk about what’s on and off the table. Is your special guest going to play with just you, or does your boyfriend get to get in on the action too? Are you rounding the bases, or just sticking with foreplay? Is kissing OK? Would you feel comfortable letting her stay the night, or do you want her to leave right after the fun?

Keep communicating throughout the process to make sure you’re both on the same page. Come up with a code word or signal that you could use to say “time out, I need a second to check in” and one for “this needs to stop right now.”

It’s also important to communicate those boundaries to your unicorn. You may feel overly clinical or awkward doing so, but threesomes require more communication than twosomes. Be explicit about what’s on and off the table for the two of you, and ask her what she’s comfortable with. For example, “we’re looking forward to playing with you, but we just want to be clear that we want to draw the line at intercourse. What are you looking for?”

Step 3: Get On The Internet

A unicorn is not going to come to you; you have to go find one. Doing so is hard, but the Internet has made it a whole lot easier. There are threesome-specific websites and even a threesome app. If you’re worried about having your pictures up on these kinds of sites, describe yourselves and write, “we’re shy, but happy to exchange pictures privately.” Or you can put up a note on OkCupid explaining what you’re looking for. If you’re totally clear in your profile, you can avoid some of the awkwardness of having to spell it out in person.

I strongly recommend against having your third be someone who is a friend. There’s no undoing a threesome, and they can make things extremely awkward and uncomfortable. You don’t want to lose a friendship for one night of fun. If you’re on the fence, just think through a few scenarios … what if it seemed like your boyfriend was enjoying having sex with your best friend a little too much? What if your best friend seemed to be enjoying having sex with your boyfriend a little too much? Unless you feel extremely confident that your friendship could withstand the strain of a threesome, it’s just not worth the risk.

I’m not going to lie to you; if the two of you are into very different types of women, it’s probably going to be hard to agree on someone to invite into your bedroom. Here’s where it might help to revisit Step 1: Is it really worth having a threesome if you have to compromise and hook up with someone you’re not all that attracted to?

Step 4: Evaluate Your Options

Your ad is up, and you’re starting to get some nibbles. You might be so excited to get your first few responses that you feel tempted to invite a lady over ASAP, but I recommend giving yourselves a little bit of time to feel it out in person before committing.

Say to your potential unicorns, “how do you feel about getting together for a cocktail? If it feels like a good fit, we can talk about what we’d like to do for the rest of the evening. If it doesn’t seem like a match, we can go our separate ways, no hard feelings.” Agree on a signal with your boyfriend beforehand, like if you both touch your right earlobes, it’s a go.

Have a drink if you want to calm your nerves, but don’t get drunk. Being intoxicated makes it so much harder to make good decisions. Plus, you want to be able to actually enjoy your threesome, right? How sad would it be to wake up the next morning with only foggy memories?

In case it’s not a match, you may also want to have a plan for politely excusing yourselves for the evening. Getting turned down is always painful, no matter the situation, so try to spare her feelings with something gentle like, “you’re so lovely, but I think I’m too nervous to go through with this.”

Step 5: Take Baby Steps

You don’t have to go all the way the first time you hook up with your special guest. You may want to dip a toe into the threesome waters by having a makeout or cuddle session before doing anything more serious. Take the opportunity to check in with your boyfriend afterwards. See how you each felt, and if you want to continue moving forward.

Step 6: Consider The Jealousy Factor

Jealousy is unavoidable with threesomes. If you care about your boyfriend, some part of you is going to get fired up seeing his hands on another woman. The challenge is figuring out if the uncomfortable feelings are worth the thrill.

It seems like you’re both already getting a little triggered by each other’s aesthetic preferences. You’re worried about him liking other body types more than your own, and he seems concerned that you might be a little too into women. I don’t mean to be a threesome party-pooper, but I’d spend some time thinking about whether or not you can actually handle the jealousy that a threesome might evoke. You’re the only one who can honestly answer that question!


6 OMG Tips To Give Him The Best Blow Job Of His LIFE

Next time you go down on your guy, he’ll be in for quite a surprise.

Men go absolutely weak in the knees for you after an amazing blowjob. Perhaps you give him oral enthusiastically, which is sexually arousing, but let me ask you — how long has it been since you’ve really thought about your blowjob techniques?

Do you keep defaulting to the same routine and tricks every time you go down on him? Perhaps that worked great at first, but trust me — ‘predictable’ is the last word a man wants to use when describing his sex life. Meaning — there’s a good chance he’s secretly wishing you’d mix things up!

You’re in luck! Today, I am going to show you six proven techniques to help you give your man the most enjoyable oral sex he has ever received. Perfect for keeping him happy, rocking his world in new ways, and getting him to return the favor:

1. Start off with foreplay. 

I am constantly surprised to hear people say that men don’t enjoy foreplay as much as women do. This is simply untrue. Men may never actually tell you that they like foreplay, but your guy will have much more powerful and enjoyable orgasms if you engage in foreplay with him before actually giving him a blowjob. (The same is true for regular sex.)

Thankfully, foreplay is pretty easy. In fact, your man enjoys most of the same things that you enjoy during foreplay.

Think about how you kiss him. Don’t just give him a peck on the cheek, pay close attention to the rest of his body, too. Not just his neck and cheeks, try kissing him all over his stomach and back, as well. You’ll even find that kissing his legs, right up to his groin can make for a really hot prelude before you get down to using my other blowjob techniques.

2. Always go from the base to the tip.
Once he’s warmed up, your man will now feel extra eager to start receiving oral sex from you. Which is exactly what you wanted.
This next blowjob technique is the perfect way to transition into giving him an actual blowjob. Start by taking his trousers/briefs off so everything is easier to access. Gently hold the base of his penis in your hand and then use your tongue to slowly lick it from the base right to the tip. You can try licking from the tip down to the base of his cock too, but often you’ll find that technique to be a little awkward.
Rather than just constantly licking straight from the bottom to the top, try a few variations of this technique: Try moving your tongue from side-to-side as you make your way from the base to the tip. You’ll also find that your man loves it when you pay most of your attention to the top of his member.

3. Don’t just go “in and out” … mix up your movement.

You’ll find that the two techniques I’ve just described will mostly help you uplevel the foreplay part. Now it’s time to actually start giving him a proper BJ. One of the major mistakes that women constantly make is using the same old boring oral sex techniques over and over on their man. Instead, use a little variation.

The main blowjob technique that is used over and over again is called the “In And Out.” This is when you simply take his penis in and out of your mouth with your lips wrapped around his shaft.

The thing is that most guys love this if you use it with other techniques like:

  • Keeping him in your mouth while using your tongue to “Twirl And Swirl” around it, massaging his penis as you do.
  • Using your tongue to focus on just the head of his penis.
  • Giving some attention to his testicles. You can lick them or take them into your mouth and gently suck and softly squeeze them.

4. Give him a helping hand. 

Some women think that using their hands during oral sex is cheating. This is pretty ludicrous, as it’s not cheating at all. In fact, your man will greatly appreciate it.

The easiest way to use your hands when giving him a blowjob is to just grab his shaft and slowly massage it up and down like you would when giving him regular hand job. When you combine this with using the “Twirl And Swirl” technique at the same time, you have a recipe for one happy guy.

But that’s not all you can do with your hands. Another great blowjob technique is to use your hands to massage your man’s testicles while taking him in your mouth at the same time.
5. Try taking it deep.

The first four techniques will give you a great start to giving your man more enjoyable oral sex, but don’t just stop there; why not learn some more advanced techniques? Giving deep throat feels incredible to your man, but I’m not going to lie, it takes a bit of practice to get it right without it feeling horrible for you.

The key is to consistently practice on something like a peeled banana or even a dildo until if feels relatively easy to do. Also, rather than telling your man that you’re going to give him deep throat, a better way is to just surprise him with it. Trust me when I say — he’ll be pleasantly surprised.

6. End on a slow note.
When you use all of these techniques I just shared, your man will have an incredibly enjoyable orgasm. When he eventually cums, he’ll experience many things that you also experience when you orgasm. For example, his penis will become incredibly sensitive to touch, just like your clitoris is when you’re having a clitoral orgasm.

So when your man starts to orgasm, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure to his penis. Instead, reduce the speed of whatever you are doing and make all movements with your tongue, mouth and hands much softer. (Tip: If you decide to swallow and you don’t like the taste, have him try flavor masque strips or pineapple juice to improve your blowjob experience.)

What Do You Need To Know About Anal Beads?

What Exactly Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a type of sex toy consisting of multiple spheres—often referred to as beads—linked together and designed for insertion into the anal canal. Their primary purpose is to provide sexual stimulation.
As the beads are inserted and subsequently removed, they create varying levels of pleasurable sensations. The design of these beads usually incorporates a sequence that progresses in size, offering users the ability to adapt gradually to the feeling of fullness and stimulation. This incremental increase in bead diameter allows for a tailored experience that caters to individual comfort and pleasure thresholds.

Describing Anal Beads

Anal beads offer a unique and customizable experience for those exploring anal play. Below are key considerations:


  • Silicone: Soft and flexible, providing a comfortable experience for beginners.
  • Glass: Smooth and firm, offering a different kind of pressure and the option for temperature play.
  • Metal: Weighty and sleek, these can be more intense and are also suited for temperature play.

Selecting the appropriate size and material is crucial for ensuring comfort and safety during use. For a great selection of anal beads, look at Love Store’s anal beads collection here.

What are they designed like?

Design intricacies of anal beads enhance both pleasure and safety:

  • Graduated Design: This thoughtful feature allows for a gradual introduction to the sensations, starting with smaller beads and moving to larger ones as comfort increases.
  • Safety Features: A retrieval ring or flared base is a critical element, ensuring that the beads remain within reach and prevent any chance of them being drawn too far into the body.
  • Structure: The flexibility or rigidity of beads varies; some users prefer a bendable string of beads for comfort, while others enjoy the firmness of a solid structure for more intense stimulation.

Understanding these design elements can guide users to select beads that align with their individual preferences and safety requirements.

Why Do People Enjoy Anal Beads?

The allure of anal beads lies in their ability to tap into the rich tapestry of nerve endings nestled in the anal canal. When these beads are introduced and then removed, they provide a unique form of stimulation that has been widely recognized for its potential to amplify sexual pleasure. The design of the beads allows for a rhythmic pressure on the anal sphincters, creating waves of sensation that can feel incredibly satisfying.

People who integrate anal beads into their sexual activities often speak of the intense climaxes they experience. This is particularly the case when the beads are withdrawn at the peak of orgasm, a moment when the pelvic muscles are already engaged and sensitive to additional stimuli. This practice has been known to elevate the intensity of the orgasm, making it a compelling reason for their popularity.

In conversations about anal beads, it’s common to hear about the personal journeys of exploration and discovery. While the experiences are as diverse as the individuals themselves, a common thread is the joy of finding new pathways to pleasure. The following insights from users illustrate this point:

  • “The gradual increase in size really allows me to dial in my comfort level.”
  • “It’s about the anticipation as much as the sensation itself.”
  • “There’s something deeply intimate about the experience that I didn’t expect.”

These reflections offer a glimpse into why anal beads have become a cherished addition to many people’s intimate lives, providing a blend of physical stimulation and emotional connection.

Anal Beads Versus Butt Plugs: What’s the Difference?

While both anal beads and butt plugs fall under the umbrella of anal toys, their uses and sensations differ significantly. Anal beads are crafted for dynamic movement; they are meant to be inserted and then pulled out, often at the moment of climax, to elicit a rhythmic pattern of pleasure. This motion generates a unique sensation of release as each bead passes through the sensitive nerve endings of the anal canal.

In contrast, butt plugs are designed for static enjoyment. They typically feature a tapered shape for smooth insertion and a flared base to ensure they stay securely in place. Once inserted, a butt plug provides a sense of continuous pressure and can be worn for extended periods, offering a feeling of fullness that many find pleasurable.

For those looking to gradually increase their capacity for anal play, butt plugs can act as a tool for training and stretching. Conversely, anal beads cater to those who seek out the thrill of progressive intensity that builds with the insertion of each successive bead, culminating in a crescendo of sensation upon removal.

A Guide to Trying Anal Beads Safely

Embarking on the journey of using anal beads requires attention to safety and comfort to ensure an enjoyable experience. Here are step-by-step tips:

  1. Educate Yourself: Before anything else, it is crucial to understand how to use anal beads properly. This knowledge is key to preventing any discomfort or injury.
  2. Start Small: Opt for smaller, more flexible beads to begin with. Generously apply lubricant to reduce friction and enhance comfort.
  3. Listen to Your Body: Take it slow and pay attention to how your body responds. If you feel any pain or significant discomfort, do not proceed with forcing the beads.

Choose a Set That’s Easy for Beginners

For those new to anal beads, it’s important to start with the right equipment. Keep these points in mind:

  • Small and Flexible: Look for a set with small beads and a flexible structure, ideal for beginners.
  • Gradual Size Increase: Choose beads that gradually increase in size to gently explore and acclimate to the sensations.
  • Safety First: Ensure the set includes a safety retrieval feature, such as a ring or flared base, which is essential to prevent any mishaps.

Use Them at the Right Time for Stronger Orgasms

To enhance sexual pleasure, timing and technique are key:

  • Experiment with Timing: Removing beads at different moments of arousal or climax can create various sensations and potentially lead to stronger orgasms.
  • Communication is Key: When with a partner, keep the lines of communication open to ensure mutual comfort and enjoyment.
  • Integrate into Play: Consider using anal beads as part of foreplay or alongside other sexual acts for an amplified experience.

Things Could Get Messy

Anal play can sometimes be unpredictable, but with a little preparation, you can manage hygiene concerns with ease:

  • Plan Ahead: An enema or a bathroom visit prior to play can help prevent messy situations.
  • Stay Equipped: Have wipes or towels within reach for a quick cleanup if needed.
  • Stay Light-Hearted: Accept that anal play can be messy at times and approach it with a sense of humor and understanding.

How to Care for and Clean Anal Beads

Maintaining the cleanliness of anal beads is essential for ensuring their longevity and your health. Here’s how to keep them in pristine condition:

  1. After each use, wash the beads with mild soap and warm water. If you prefer, you can also use a sex toy cleaner designed for this purpose. Thorough cleaning is crucial to eliminate any bacteria.
  2. Focus on the spaces between the beads. These small crevices can harbor bacteria, so take extra care to clean these areas well.
  3. Once clean, dry the beads completely. Then, store them in a dedicated container or a clean, lint-free fabric bag. This storage method will help keep the beads free from dust and other contaminants.

Regularly cleaning and properly storing your anal beads will contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience every time you use them.

Using Anal Beads: 3 Helpful Tips

To ensure a consistently enjoyable experience with anal beads, it’s important to maintain them well and follow these actionable tips:

  1. Ease into the experience by finding ways to relax both your body and mind. A warm bath or a gentle massage can help make insertion more comfortable.
  2. Always begin with the smallest bead and increase size only as you feel comfortable, without hurrying the process.
  3. For enhanced pleasure and safety, apply the “stop and go” technique: insert a bead, pause to let your body adjust, then proceed when ready.

First-Time Anal Bead Users

For those new to anal beads, here’s some gentle guidance to ensure a positive and safe first experience:

  • It’s often helpful to start exploring on your own. A solo session allows you to become accustomed to the sensations at your own pace.
  • Take the time to thoroughly read the instructions that come with your anal beads, and consider watching educational content for clear guidance on proper use.
  • Remember, your experience is unique to you. Don’t measure it against others; trust your body and your instincts as you explore.

Are You an Experienced Anal Bead User?

For those who are well-versed in using anal beads, consider these suggestions to enhance your experience:

  • Broaden your sensory play by experimenting with beads of various textures and materials.
  • Amplify your pleasure by combining the use of anal beads with other kinds of stimulation, whether it’s clitoral, penile, or otherwise.
  • Play around with the timing of bead removal, perhaps during climax or in sync with other sexual acts, to discover new heights of pleasure.

How Are Anal Beads Used?

To enjoy anal beads, follow these steps to ensure a pleasant and safe experience:

  1. Generously lubricate the beads and the entrance of the anus to facilitate easy insertion.
  2. Start by inserting one bead at a time, gauging your comfort level as you go. You can vary the depth and speed to discover the most pleasurable sensations for you.
  3. When removing the beads, you can either do so slowly to savor the sensation of each bead or more quickly for an intense feeling, especially if timed with an orgasm.

Remember, there is no one correct way to use anal beads. It’s about personal preference and exploration, so take your time and listen to your body’s responses.

Should You Use Them Alone or with Someone?

Anal beads can be a versatile addition to your intimate life, whether enjoyed alone or with a partner:

  • When used alone, you have full control over the pace, depth, and rhythm, making it a wonderful journey of self-discovery and pleasure.
  • Partnered use can deepen your connection, enhance mutual pleasure, and introduce an element of trust and shared exploration into your relationship.
  • Above all, whether alone or with someone else, prioritize clear communication, consent, and mutual comfort to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience.

Can You Take Them into the Shower?

Incorporating anal beads into shower time can be thrilling, but here are some key points to consider:

  • Before getting the beads wet, confirm if they are waterproof or water-resistant to prevent damage to the toy and ensure safe use.
  • A warm shower can relax your muscles, potentially making the insertion of anal beads more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Take extra care as surfaces can become slippery. Opt for a silicone-based lubricant if you’re using water, as this type won’t wash away as easily as water-based lubricants.

Always prioritize safety to avoid any mishaps, and remember to follow the care instructions for your specific type of anal beads.

The Bottom Line: What’s Important?

To sum it up, approach anal beads with care, prioritize safety through proper hygiene, communicate openly, and indulge in self-discovery for an experience that is both fulfilling and enjoyable.

LGBTQ Talks: Facts about queer people in India and how they are today

The LGBTQ Population in India

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of India? For us, it’s the number of people they have. In fact, India is second on the list of countries with the most people in the world. Now, it’s only natural to assume that not all of those people are heterosexual. So, let’s talk about the LGBTQ population of India.


The first thing you should know is that 17% of the entire Indian population claims they’re not heterosexual. That means they fall anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and 17% is a lot. What’s common for all homosexuals is that they aren’t often open about their sexuality with other people. That comes from the fear of being judged or outcast from society. However, the situation is a bit different in India. LGBTQ in India have their own rights and are widely accepted and supported.

India’s LGBTQ Throughout History

One of the less common facts about LGBTQ in India is that they used to have a rocky past. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, but they did have a lot of ups and downs. 


First things first, the majority of people in India identify with and accept Hinduism. However, Hinduism doesn’t have many negative things to say about homosexuality. In fact, sex, in general, was always a touchy subject for Indians. There are certain rules they have to abide by. Otherwise, they receive punishment. 

But would you believe us if we told you that homosexual activities often received less severe punishments than heterosexual ones? It does sound quite unbelievable, but punishments included bathing in one’s clothes, for example.


So, even though LGBTQ people would receive punishments for some of their actions, society has been accepting of them since the dawn of time in India.

Issues That LGBTQ Face in India

The fact that the LGBTQ people of India receive so much support is wonderful. It’s definitely something we wish to see other countries do, too. But unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows. There’s still backlash, even with so much support. For example, even though these people have rights and support, they still can’t marry each other. Yes, they can love each other, but making it official? Nah, at least not yet.


Besides marriage being illegal, there’s another thing LGBTQ couples have to deal with — no children. Well, at least they cannot adopt a child. Whether they can have children via IVF or a surrogate is debatable at best. 

Even though India as a whole is a progressive country, exceptions still exist. Not only that, but every individual and their family is different. So, while one homosexual has their family’s support, their next-door LGBTQ neighbor might not.

LGBTQ Movement: What Is It?

However, the LGBTQ people of India didn’t always have the rights they have today. Homosexualism was a crime under the British Empire, and it remained so for a very long time. 


In 1949, all Indians became equal. Well, all but homosexuals. Even though some sections state that all Indians have equal rights, section 377 of the Indian Penal Code still stated that homosexuality is unnatural and, therefore, a crime.


The LGBTQ community let this slide for a long time before the very first protest in 1992. You can consider this to be the beginning of the LGBTQ movement. Only 7 years later, in 1999, India had their very first Pride Parade with only 15 attendees. However, these 15 people were the beginning of something great.

Pride Month in India

Pride Month is happening at the same time everywhere in the world, that is, in June. During this time, countries and cities organize LGBTQ Pride Parades where they celebrate love and equality they deserve. Some countries and people frown upon these events, but what’s the situation in India? Well, their parades are a bit different.


Some Indian parades require participants to wear colorful masks to hide their identities. However, this is only optional, although it is a great way for people who aren’t out of the closet yet to participate in LGBTQ events. On the other hand, some events require participants to dress professionally and avoid wearing anything too colorful.

But how do other Indians see these parades? Well, they’re parades! Colorful marches involving music and great people that invite you to walk with them in support of their basic human rights. Indians that witness these parades don’t seem to mind.

The Idea of Same-Sex Union in India

As we know by now, same-sex marriage isn’t legal in India — yet. People predict that will change in 2022, but it’s all up to the ruling of the Delhi High Court. But let’s talk about the idea of the same-sex union and do Indians accept it.


Same-sex unions grant LGBTQ couples similar rights to same-sex marriage, except they can’t have children or the title of a married couple. When you think about it, the gay people of India already have a lot of rights that are similar to those of same-sex unions. 


Reading that, it might seem safe to say that the country supports queer folks. However, none of that is official, so the LGBTQ people of India should always be cautious when making any decisions. 


The worst thing that can happen is thinking your country supports you and finding out you’re wrong. That’s why the LGBTQ people should wait for the Delhi High Court’s official ruling, and then there can be weddings galore.

Sex-Related Issues People Are Facing in India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world, with almost 1.4 billion people living in this Eastern gem of a place. With such a large population, sex issues are more common than in other countries with a smaller population.


The biggest problem people in India are facing is low-quality health care. The health care system is full of undertrained doctors, and the clinics are often overcrowded. Not only is public health in dire need of improvement, but informing the population about safe sex and possible dysfunctions should be a top priority too.

Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Even though India is the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, sexual dysfunctions are still very much a thing there. Some research shows that men in India suffer from sexual dysfunctions more than men in other countries. This is mostly because of the bad healthcare system available and the lack of financial ability to visit private health clinics. Sex issues target men of all ages, but the most critical group are gents over the age of 40.


Some of the most common health issues men face when it comes to sex include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, and even hypoactive sexual desire syndrome. A lot of sex issues men are facing are treatable in one way or another. But, since the information isn’t readily available, many leave these dysfunctions untreated.

The reason why more than 20% of men in India experience health issues related to sex is the lack of sex education. Other reasons include poor healthcare, lack of interest in dealing with sex-related issues, and bad habits such as eating spicy or fatty food, little or no exercise, and smoking. Just eliminating these bad habits would eliminate many sex issues men are facing in India.

Contraceptive Use

The use of contraception is widely accepted not only in India but across the entire globe. Using contraception is safe, simple, and has many benefits. Aside from protecting women from unwanted pregnancies, these medications help with acne, hormone disbalance, and cramping during periods. It also makes periods regular — an issue many women are facing.


When women become sexually active, it’s of the utmost importance to start thinking about contraception or other forms of sex safety. A gynecologist can prescribe a specific type of contraception after a woman does all the checkups and bloodwork. One of the biggest misconceptions is that contraceptive medication is a one-type-fits-all thing. But it isn’t. It’s important to get the right contraception that will have the best effect on you.


Single women use contraception to practice safer sex, although condoms are recommended no matter if contraceptive medication is used or not. Married women use contraception as a form of safety against unwanted pregnancy, but also due to irregular periods. 


When it comes to the psychological effect of contraception on women, it usually depends from person to person. Some experience a larger sex drive, while other users experience overall health improvements such as skin condition, less painful periods, and better mood.

Sex Education

Sex and sex education are still taboo in India and will probably remain taboo for some time. Just a couple of years ago, sex education was completely banned in India and was replaced by yoga in schools. Just recently, the subject was introduced back to schools where students can now learn about different sex issues and dysfunctions they may encounter in the future, but also about health and safe sex.


The good thing is that more than half the population of India uses the internet. By using modern technology, people can find the information they need about sex and sexual issues. More and more information is translated to Hindi so even people who don’t understand English or other languages can get all the information required about certain issues and dysfunctions.

India is currently in a transitional phase when it comes to sex and sexuality. Until recently, it was considered taboo to talk to someone about sex issues, let alone ask for information from professionals. Today, sex education is becoming available to more people. However, there are still a lot of people with little to no education about this topic.

Child Abuse

A bone-chilling number of children have been sexually abused in India. More than 30,000 children were reported abused in 2017. But the biggest issue is that almost 40,000 cases were filed for child abuse just a year later. Research shows that more than a hundred children are victims of sex abuse in India each day. The problem is how many cases are left unreported.


There are many reasons why India has such a devastating number of sex abuse cases, some of which include poverty, a large number of homeless children, and overcrowded living. Poverty is certainly the biggest reason where wealthier individuals scam underaged children into sexual activities, promising them money or other valuables. 


Statistics say that most cases occur between children and someone in their trust circle, not just in India but everywhere. The only way to reduce these numbers is by introducing strict consequences to those who commit these felonies. Sex issues with children involved have been ignored for too long in India due to Laws that didn’t acknowledge sexual abuse the way western countries do.


India is amongst the top three countries in the world when it comes to the number of people infected with the HIV virus. More than 2 million people are living with HIV in India. But, the good thing is that this number is declining each year.


Most men who tested positive on this virus have admitted to having unsafe sex with other men or consider themselves sex workers. The biggest issue people come across is the inability to visit an adequate clinic to get proper treatment. 

As mentioned before, the healthcare system in India is one of the worst in this part of the world. Rural areas are barely covered by public clinics. This makes it extremely hard to get diagnosed and treated, given the financial situation in the country.


The lack of education is to blame. So much time has passed that people are left without the basic information about this serious virus and the effects it can have on the infected and their families. Sexual dysfunctions are nothing compared to the severity of HIV and its effects on the person infected. That’s why it’s so important to have proper sex education at an early age.

Ways you can pleasure your girl in bed with butt plugs

How can you drive your girlfriend wild with a butt plug and turn her into your naughty anal queen? We’ll reveal some of the best ways you can pleasure your girl in bed with butt plugs!

Anal play is becoming more and more common, and tons of couples are experimenting with it. Most girls are starting to love it, and even those that don’t are willing to try it in order to please their partners or experiment with new sex acts. If you want to know how to drive your girlfriend crazy and give her some unforgettable orgasms, we’ll reveal some of the best ways you can pleasure your girl in bed with butt plugs!

Use it as a blowjob accessory

Butt plugs are incredibly versatile sex toys for heterosexual sex. If your girl agrees to try one in bed, you can use it in countless different ways to get her to reach some epic orgasms. Of course, that will all depend on your girlfriend’s turn-ons and fantasies. Many women enjoy anal stimulation with butt plugs because they enhance the pleasure. If you use them correctly, you could give your girlfriend huge clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms, or even a mix of all three!

One of the best tips is to slide the plug into your girlfriend’s booty and ask her to give you a BJ. Obviously, her warm mouth on your erect penis will feel incredible for you. However, the plug will turn her on even more while your cock is in her mouth. There’s also a visual element to this, so you can have her kneel in front of a mirror and enjoy the view of her plugged asshole. What’s more, the plug will stimulate her as she sucks you off. She’ll also be able to rub her clit or use a vibrator to get even more turned on.

Make her feel full

It’s no secret that many girls get extremely turned on when they feel filled up. A butt plug does this perfectly since it applies pressure and tightness inside the anus. It stimulates the sensitive nerve endings and boosts pleasure during other sexual activities.

Speaking of filling her up, many women enjoy double penetration, but most are reluctant to try it in real life. If this is the case for your GF, don’t hesitate to get her an anal plug. You can push this toy inside of her booty and penetrate her vagina with your penis in doggy style to simulate double penetration. You’ll give her an intense stuffed sensation, and you can even move the plug up and down during vaginal intercourse for extra stimulation.

Get her warmed up for anal

If you want anal sex for your birthday, and she’s reluctant to try it, get a butt plug from lovegasm to see how she responds to anal penetration. Butt plugs are recommended for newbies who have never been stretched out down there. A small silicone plug will allow her to experiment with light butt play. If you go slowly and use lots of lube, she’ll get an inkling of how anal sex would feel.

What’s more, using a plug for anal prep is a must for many girls. It can stretch your girlfriend out and make her accustomed to the sensation. That way, she won’t feel discomfort or pain. If she’s a complete anal newbie, you will have to be extremely careful. Insert the butt plug in slowly to gradually initiate her into the anal lovers club! From there, you can try the other tips we’ve suggested or make her cum through oral sex.

The plug will bring her tons of pleasure, especially if you combine it with other types of stimulation. In time, she could become your anal queen! Another tip here is to play with her fantasies. If she loves being submissive, an anal training session will be the perfect setting for you to exercise your dominance.

Touching your g-spot

The male G-spot or the P-spot is an often unexplored area for many guys. Yet, it’s a highly sensitive erogenous zone that can bring you strong prostate orgasms. Some girls could really be into seeing you have a loud and massive orgasm, especially if they are the ones who can provide it for you.

If you’ve never tried to stimulate your prostate, you could get a prostate massager plug. Your girlfriend can push the plug inside you and stimulate that spot. That way, she will feel like she’s in control. She can do this with a standard or vibrating butt plug. Meanwhile, ask her to go down on you or give you pleasure in other ways.

This is especially effective for dominant girls who love making guys explode. If you’ve never tried prostate play, it’s definitely time to find out just how powerful a P-spot orgasm can be. Plus, you’ll fulfill your girl’s fantasies of penetrating you.

Explore the unknown

There are so many sex acts that you can try with a butt plug. Butt stuff is still a bit taboo for most people, but that’s what makes it so fun. If you get this toy, you can try acts that feel wrong or forbidden. That includes various kinks like roleplay, wearing a butt plug in public, BDSM, anal domination, temperature play, forced orgasms, gaping, prostate play, and so on.

If your girl has lots of similar fantasies, there’s definitely a chance that a butt plug will make them come true. However, if you want to explore the unknown, have a long talk with your girlfriend and ask her about what she wants to try in bed. The dirtiest, naughtiest, and weirdest sex acts are usually the ones that are the most pleasurable.

What’s more, trying kinky things like ass worship and domination or DP with toys isn’t only about the pleasure. Butt plugs can refresh your sex life, increase intimacy, and build an even more intimate connection with your partner.

Your anal adventures begin today!

Now that we’ve shown you how to pleasure your girlfriend with a butt plug, it’s time to order one and try some of our tips to make your girl beg for more!

Pro Tips in Using Anal Plugs

Butt plug is an intimate device that gives fullness in the anus. With its help, you can prepare for anal sex, narrow the woman’s vagina, and massage the prostate to a man. Anal plugs with rhinestones or tails are used to decorate the body. But is dreaming of using butt plugs in Mars absurd? Does it make you gay? Let’s see how the models differ and what to look for when buying.

Butt plug

A special sex toy for the anus is called an anal plug. This device is inserted into the body and gives a feeling of fullness. Since there are a lot of sensitive endings in the anus area, the use of a special intimate object gives a strong arousal.

Butt plug consists of three parts: the immersion part, which can be of different shapes (cone, drop, etc.), narrow legs and stopper. The size of each part varies greatly. The form depends on the destination.

Application of anal plug

Butt plug can be used in pairs or alone. It is suitable for use by both men and women. Millions of plug models are sold worldwide every year. Most often they are used for the following purposes:

For a feeling of fullness: When an object is in the anus, excitement occurs. This is a pleasant sensation that helps to tune in to intimacy or masturbation. And the introduction of the device can be a very exciting process.

To prepare for anal sex: When the anus is used to a foreign object, there is no pain or desire to empty the intestines. If you leave the cork for 5-15 minutes in the body, then in the future the introduction of a member will be easier, and the pleasure from the process will be more.

For wearing and getting pleasure in any places: Butt plug can be used at work, walk or in the gym. It’s nice to feel that there is something inside. Today there are even models with remote control. And the vibration is turned on without touching the sex toy. Quiet motors can cause a bright orgasm, but no one around will guess about its cause.

For double penetration effect: When the anal plug is placed in the anus of a woman, the vagina is narrowed. As a result, vaginal sex gives the lady much more pleasure. And the man feels the difference. This is especially true for women with stretched muscles after childbirth or injury. And in the process of exploitation, it seems to a girl that two holes penetrate, and this is also very exciting.

For fisting or expansion: The feeling of stretching is an incredible pleasure. And cork allows you to get such experiences. There are even expanding models that are ideal for fisting.

Difference of the anal plug from the stimulator

Butt plug and anal stimulator are completely different subjects. Their use is very different. Stimulator is immersed in the body and makes them progressive or circular movements. His goal – frictions, he replaces a member of a man. The anal plug is inserted into the body and left in it. Its movements are carried out at the introduction stage. Then she is motionless. Of course, you can enter and remove the device several times, but uniform translational actions will not work.

People who use butt plug

Butt plug is the second most popular sex toy after a vibrator. This item is bought by people of different sexes, ages and preferences. But who is especially helpful to buy anal plug?

Lovers of anal sex: Both beginners and practitioners will often benefit from a similar subject. Cork will help prepare the anus for a dive or dildo. It will avoid pain, cracks, and discomfort in the process. It is especially needed for those who experience discomfort during anal caresses. Cork will eliminate all these experiences.

People who love the feeling of fullness: This experience may be appropriate during foreplay, sex, or even domestic affairs. Being inside the body of the sleeve for the anus will give excitement.

Couples who are looking for new experiences: The process of buying, the first experiences of use, experiments with cork will allow to diversify the sex life. The exchange of impressions, the search for new solutions will bring together partners, make sexual contact brighter.

Women after childbirth, to narrow the fold: Until the vagina comes to tone, sensuality can be enhanced with the help of the anal plug. This will make orgasms more frequent. And the man will be more pleasant too.

Those who want to use sex toys not only at home: Butt plugs for wearing can be used at work, on a walk, in the gym and in any other circumstances. They do not interfere with movement, are not visible under clothing.

Men for prostate massage: This medical procedure can be done at home. Special curved anal plugs will help to affect the desired area. And this is an excellent prevention of male diseases, a way to maintain sexual power for many years.

Connoisseurs of anus expansion: †For lovers of fisting create big butt plugs. Their girth can reach tens of centimeters, and their use is safer than the use of available tools for stimulation.

Buy butt plug costs even as a first sex toy. She will allow to experiment, will present unusual sensations.

Types of anal plugs

It is a lot of butt plugs; they differ in a form, materials, and mission. If you divide them by type, you can select several categories:

Butt plugs for beginners. These are devices with a minimum diameter. The widest part does not exceed 2.5 cm. Small plugs help a person to get used to the object in the anus. It does not injure the delicate skin.

Butt plugs for wearing. These are objects whose stop is located between the buttocks and does not interfere with movements. Most often, the models are flexible and soft, they take the form of the body, do not press on the intestinal walls. And these things are completely invisible under clothing.

Butt plugs with rhinestones. Decorative products are more often bought for gifts. Anal rhinestones look very impressive. Sometimes at the base is not just glass, but special crystals shimmering in the sun. There are smooth and embossed, hollow and heavy. There are models of different sizes. For movements, it is better to choose light options, and if you plan to just lie in bed with such a thing, then cast cork will be better suited.

Butt plugs with tail. Reincarnation in a fabulous character or an animal is possible with anal plug with a tail. Long and short tails of all colors and shapes are available. Make the tail of natural fur or artificial materials. The cork can be plastic, metal, silicone. There are options with a detachable tail to make it easier to clean the structure. You can find a sweet deal for metal and steel butt plugs at loveplugs.com.au.

If you’re interested, tail butt plugs are available at loveplugs.

Butt plugs with vibration. Existence of an internal motor considerably expands opportunities of application. Slight vibrations reinforce sensations; they can even cause bright orgasms. The more modes and speeds than exciting application.

Big butt plugs: Giants are created for those who have been practicing anal caress for a long time. These are things to stretch, often chosen by lovers of fisting. The diameter of such models is from 6 to 20 cm. It is recommended to use with lubricants specifically for anal toys.

5 Tips for a Perfect Prostate Massage

Life-changing prostate massagers are new territory for you and you fear a finger in the ass? You don’t have to stress; it’s only an incredibly wonderful inclination. It will be a radical new ordeal for you. Without touching your chicken, we can give you the most sweltering climax. You ask why we do that. we choose when you come, how you come and in case you are permitted to cum by any stretch of the imagination. By the purported draining you can juice a man appropriately, without which he truly needs it. We did only that with my ex with the assistance of a prostate massager over the weekened. we drained him again and again and he was totally at my leniency. So far we don’t have to go, yet we figure it would be cool in case we can tie you up and you get a pleasant butt-centric treatment from me.

Numerous individuals appreciate butt-centric delight amid solo and shared play, paying little respect to their sex or sexual introduction. This is on the grounds that it’s a region of our bodies which is pressed with nerve endings and exceptionally responsive to touch.

Butt-centric incitement can possibly feel incredible for anybody with a butthole however for individuals with a prostate, butt-centric investigation can be particularly pleasurable. The prostate (now and again called the P-spot) is an organ inside the male sexual organs. It’s a commotion of nerve endings which, when animated, can give serious joy and even climax. Here’s how to massage your prostate. But first, you need to buy prostate massager toy seen in sex shoots before we can proceed.


Much like the G-spot in individuals who have vulvas, the P-spot can be somewhat precarious to discover, yet once you do, the advantages are crazy. There are two fundamental approaches to animate the prostate: immediate and circuitous.

Circuitous techniques incorporate perineum weight and butt-centric infiltration. The main direct strategy is by means of urethral sounding (embeddings an extraordinary toy called a sounding pole into the penis). A urethral dilator like the underneath vibrating toy is intended to animate the delicate nerve endings inside the penis.

For first time bum fingering, simply focus on giving your accomplice joy, instead of searching out the P-spot. Butt-centric play without invigorating the prostate is still super-stimulating and pleasurable. The P-spot is just the cherry (or walnut) on top. Nevertheless, before you go diving into butt-centric play, correspondence is fundamental. You should both be comfortable (and ideally energized) about what you’re going to investigate.

Planning for the provider


In case you’re the one intending to do the fingering, there are a few things you’ll have to do in planning. The basic, yet most critical ones are to ensure your nails are trimmed and you’re not wearing any adornments, similar to rings. This isn’t only for your advantage (nobody needs to lose a family legacy up their accomplice’s bottom) yet for theirs too.

The rear end needs somewhat more consideration than fingering a vagina. This is on the grounds that, in spite of the fact that it’s flawlessly protected to investigate butt-centric play, the coating of the rear end is more sensitive and helpless to damage. Trimming nails and evacuating adornments decreases the danger of inside scratches.

Additionally, look at your fingers to ensure you don’t have any scratches or cuts, yourself. Indeed, even with appropriate prep, all sex includes an exchange of microscopic organisms, and this is considerably more probable with butt-centric play. Trust me; you truly would prefer not to get anything terrible in an open injury.

A few people additionally jump at the chance to make a hindrance between their finger and their accomplice’s rear-end by utilizing a condom or a little latex sheath called a ‘finger bunk’. It is in no way, shape or form important to do this, yet it very well may be valuable for a couple of reasons.

Right off the bat, if the supplier has a cut on their hand, this is an incredible method for shielding it from any nastiest. Furthermore, you will require a durable lube for this kind of play as the rear end doesn’t self-grease up like a vagina. The best ointment to utilize is a thick water-based butt-centric lube, however this can start to ingest into your skin (and in addition theirs) as you play, which prompts expecting to stop to apply more lube.

Wearing a latex condom or a finger bed over your finger gives a non-permeable layer to the lube to sit on. Lastly, while the danger of upset this kind of play is to a great degree low especially in case you pursue the collector prep guidance beneath it’s reasonable that individuals can be anxious the initial couple of times they investigate butt-centric fun. Wearing a finger bunk can help ease both the brain of the supplier and the collector, and empower you to both appreciate the experience more.

Planning for the recipient

Most importantly, the recipient ought to have in a perfect world purged their insides that day to guarantee crap free play. The uplifting news is, animating the prostate doesn’t include profound entrance and on account of the manner in which our bodies work, squander is just stored here of your insides just before departure. Much appreciated science! This implies, as long as your accomplice has had an ordinary defecation that day, there’s no reason you should experience any “companions” when you investigate.

In case your accomplice is worried about this, they can utilize a butt-centric douche for additional genuine feelings of serenity. Simply make certain to adhere to standard butt-centric douching directions, and do it a lot of time before you go p-spot looking to stay away from leftover water being discharged amid play.

Despite whether you or your accomplice choose douching is ideal for you, it’s imperative to have a careful external clean around there before you get down to it. This should be possible in the shower or shower and we prescribe giving the territory a decent spotless externally. You can even jab a finger inside to watch that your inward edge is shimmering clean, too. Not exclusively will this prep guarantee play is spotless, yet it’ll additionally offer somewhat more of those genuine feelings of serenity to enable you to benefit from pooper jabbing.

Your accomplice may likewise get a kick out of the chance to shave the region preceding play as that can make it more delicate to touch. This is especially useful for the warm up. In this way, they’ve crapped, cleaned and perhaps shaved. Presently what? All things considered, now is a smart thought to take a toilet break (for a main this time).

For many individuals, prostate incitement achieves a sensation which feels like they have to pee. Try not to stress, they won’t, yet the inclination can be somewhat bizarre, especially until the point when he becomes accustomed to it. Taking a pee-break before play can enable them to get in the zone, and give them the true serenity that they won’t wet themselves.

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How to Stimulate Yourself During Anal Sex

Anal stimulants can have different shapes: from the usual cork to the real Christmas tree. They are made from a variety of materials, they can expand and vibrate. Anal beads vs butt plug, what is better? How to choose a toy that really brings pleasure? It is necessary to understand what models exist, and how they differ.

Why do I need an anal stimulator?

The anus is a special zone on the body in which a lot of nerve endings are concentrated. Touching this area can cause strong arousal in both women and men. And if you properly approach the caresses, you can significantly expand erotic experiments and get great pleasure.

For anal stimulation is convenient to use special sex toys. They are necessary in several cases:

  • To prepare for anal sex. It is important to relax the sphincter muscles, get used to the feeling of fullness. If before inserting the penis into the cork, the sensations will be much more pleasant. At the same time there will be no injuries, feelings of pain. This is a gentle way to lead a partner to more decisive action.
  • For double penetration. Caressing both holes is most interesting for a woman. But there is not always a desire to invite another man. And then come to the aid anal toys.
  • To narrow the vagina. If the anal sleeve is placed in the ass, the vagina becomes much narrower. This enhances the sensation for both participants of intimacy. In such games, it is desirable to use plugs with a large diameter (3-5 cm).
  • To enhance orgasm. Christmas trees and balls are able to make an orgasm at times more interesting. They are taken out of the body at the moment of maximum pleasure, giving additional experiences.
  • For masturbation. Movement of the anal stimulator can lead to maximum excitement. Such a toy gives pleasant emotions and helps relieve sexual tension.
  • For role-playing games. Special corks with tails are ideal for reincarnation in a cat, bunny or unicorn. One detail easily allows you to try on a new role. It is both beautiful and fascinating.
  • For body decoration. Sometimes you want to look bright even in bed when clothes are at a minimum. Anal plugs with crystals just make it possible to emphasize elegance and a passion for detail. A variety of shapes and colors help express oneself.
  • For wearing. The feeling of fullness can create a playful mood. There are butt plugs that can be worn constantly, and no one around will know about it. It is pleasant to feel such a cork at work, during training or even at a meeting with the director.
  • For fisting. Expansion of the openings is a bright experience. Feelings are always on the verge of pain and pleasure. Such affection in the area of ??the anus give orgasms that can not be caused by other methods. And gradually increasing the diameter of the anus is possible with the help of anal stimulants.
  • For prostate massage. Men use anal stimulants for the treatment of prostatitis and the prevention of this disease. Regular exposure to the prostate gland allows you to save the male force for many years, and even after 60 to lead an active sex life.

Types of anal stimulants

Conventionally, all anal stimulants can be divided into several groups:

Butt plugs or plugs: Created for a feeling of fullness. They are introduced into the anus and left in this form. Not intended for progressive movements, although at the beginning of the dive, you can play with them like that. There are big and small. Always equipped with a limiter that does not allow you to dive too deep.

Anal stimulants: Oblong stimulants created for frictions. They are nice to enter and pull out. Can be left in the body and as a cork. The length usually exceeds 12 cm. The surface is smooth or embossed. Instead of a stopper, there can be a comfortable handle.

Anal chains.Anal toy, consisting of several parts, connected by a flexible cord: For example, a few balls on a soft hitch. The diameter and shape of the constituent elements can be very different. The toy is immersed in the body during foreplay, while being pulled out during orgasm. At the end there is often a convenient tail or ring for easy retrieval. Usually the number of components from 3 to 10.

Anal firs.Composite toy on a rigid coupling: Sometimes it looks like a real Christmas tree: with alternating diameter. Length from 10 to 20 cm. Suitable for translational movements. It is interesting to get not only during orgasm. The diameter and size is always an amateur.

Anal tunnels: This is an anal plug with a hole. Through the hole in the center you can look inside, pour lubricant or other liquid. Even a vibrator or penis can be inserted into some plugs with a large diameter. The tunnel is quite elastic, does not wrinkle, and keeps its shape.

Devices for cleansing: To anal toys include enemas. These are special devices for cleansing the anus. Their use is recommended before anal sex.

Prostate massagers: Anal stimulators of a special bent form concern the prostate gland. Massage is performed in different ways: tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum; progressive movements in which you need to remove and immerse the toy with your hands; using vibration. Anatomical shape is practical, does not cause discomfort. But the application does not always give exactly bliss.

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The tail on the anal plug may be different. The most interesting models are with natural fur. It may be a rabbit or a fox. The color is different, as the fur is easy to dye. There are options with artificial fur. Fluffy, smooth, long and short tails help to become a chanterelle, bunny, horse, unicorn, lion cub or anyone else.

Anal jewelry is a sex toy with a decorative base. This is a great solution for a gift, because many people like jewelry. And you can even use such pebbles in bed. In this case, the shape of the tube may be different. Decorative models come in different diameters. For beginners, tiny options are ideal that will not exactly cause pain when diving. The base can be smooth or embossed, which gives a different experience when diving.

And the color of stones in general can be very different. Bright solutions are pleasing to the eye. And some models are equipped not with simple stones, but with Swarovski crystals. In them, the rays of light shimmer, and it is really beautiful. Decorative butt plugs sell in stylish packages. This is a ready-made gift that can be presented for any occasion. This thing can be used as a hint that it’s time to expand the horizons and try anal sex.

How to Effectively Use Sex Toys

People often look confused and think that sex toys are something to use alone and where one acquired a few bumps and bruises. Vibrators are a fantastic way to improve your love life as there are different types and shapes to choose from. Lady toys will outline some ideas in this blog about which vibrator you can use with your husband. Of course, vibrators are fantastic for solo fun, but erotic products and tantra that you can share together win more and more terrain. If you have a male partner who is a bit worried about buying a sex toy, tell him you’re ready for a “threesome.” You, him and your “rechargeable toy boy” or those “romantic love balls“. You can also face questions such as Why are luxury butt plugs ridiculously expensive? On the other hand, Loveplugs.ca is a great place for quality butt plugs but with very reasonable price range.

Blog about Sexy ways to use your Sex Toy with him: Tell him that Sex Toys are the starter and that he is the main course!

  1. Take off your panties or g-string and wrap a We-Vibe Salsa or Tango vibrator in your panties, and then you put the vibrator on his testicles, the shaft of his penis, maybe his nipples on your own nipples afterward. He will feel the softness of your panties and the vibe!
  2. For men who are familiar with a vibrator, rub the vibrator on his testicles while you satisfy him orally. (Some men get ready much faster than normal when they feel a vibrator on their balls). The G-Vibe is the perfect toy to spoil the man.
  3. For men who are very familiar with toys, rub a little lubricant on the perineum and rub in that area with a small vibe. Most men describe a prostate massage as one of the most intense orgasms they have ever felt, but not all men are ready, and no one wants to be surprised in that area. But, slight vibration under the balls on that little soft spot can be very intense for him.
  4. Give him total control with the remote control or app operation. There are many vibrators that have a remote control or app operation. The We Vibe 4 plus is a waterproof vibrator with remote control and app operation that you can wear together during sex. Because the man can be there and also feels the vibrations caused by the 2 engines that are in it is the perfect sex toy to use together. Should you miss your husband because you live far away from each other or if he is on the road a lot, use the We Vibe Rave or We Vibe Nova? Wherever you are in the world, using Wi-Fi you can operate the toy and spoil your partner. The Kiiroo is also a perfect alternative for couples who cannot be together.
  5. Tie it with the 50 shades of gray products, this gives an exciting stimulus. Make sure the man will relax and touch every inch of his body with your hands, tongue and body. But sometimes you slide the vibrator down to his more sensitive areas then you touch his penis with the vibrator. Experience a lot of pleasure when looking at his penis switch, sometimes hard, sometimes relaxed, loud and repeat. You can follow his feelings for those sensations that he really likes, and which sensations he really does NOT want, by looking at the reaction of his penis.
  6. Last but not least, grab your favorite toy from your bedside table and give it to him. Let him warm you up a bit with your favorite toy. Sit on him so that he has the toy in one hand and he can use it while still feeling that he is part of the process. Although some men like to be in the ‘catchers’ position up close and personal with the toy and your clitoris. It is a great way to experience this and be very connected when you use a toy with your loved one.

Are you looking for a clitoral toy with orgasm guarantee? Stop searching and order a Womanizer! The Womanizer is very addictive and particularly suitable for a fast, intense, clitoral orgasm.

How does the Womanizer work?

The Womanizer is unique. Instead of shaking against and on the clitoris, the Womanizer uses air pressure. When you place the opening just in front of your clitoris, it will gently suck the clitoris inwards and there by pulsating you will perform pulsations that take you to the 7th heaven within a minute.

Important features:

  • Clitoral
  • Does not vibrate: air pressure pulsations
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 year warranty

You are also very curious about this revolutionary toy? Order the Womanizer right now and receive a free extra! What do you give to the woman who already has everything? Jewelry, perfume, a clothing check? Shopping for your egg or girlfriend is not that difficult in itself. Options enough. But the man (or woman) who prefers to do things differently this year, will quickly read on. BesteProduct.nl has deepened in the boldest gifts for under the Christmas tree: sex toys for women.

Talking about sex is no longer a taboo nowadays, but we are still doing a lot of secrecy when it comes to sex with yourself and especially when it comes to vibrators or toys. Durex research showed that 60 to 80% of all women use sex toys. Time to quickly open those drawers and discover what is available.

Equally popular nowadays is the talk about strengthening pelvic floors like the use of healthy yoni for yoga. Particularly those yoni eggs from Rishikesh, India.

Test panel and criteria:

A panel of various women (who remain anonymous in this article) we have equipped with 14 different exciting toys. They have tested the vibrators, vibrating eggs and stimulators on the functioning, ease of use, build quality, design and price. After a joint consultation they have put their 5 favorite toys on a list. They also have a number of useful tips for you:

Ask yourself first: which place do you want to stimulate? Do you want a toy that only stimulates the clitoris, or one that stimulates vaginally.The G-spot or anal. That choice is, of course, very personal.

Pay attention to the choice of materials, not all materials are equally safe. Although most toys are now made of 100% silicone, whether or not combined with ABS plastic

Do you choose batteries or batteries? The preference of the panel goes to a battery. You do not want to be surprised at night with empty batteries, and also have nothing more in stock.

Check carefully: is the vibrator waterproof or not? If this is important to you, of course.

4 Ways to Pleasure Yourself with Anal Beads

To fall into the house with the (back door), anal sex, you love it or you do not like it. But it does not have to be that way! When you know how you start with anal sex, chances are that it will be enrichment for your sex life.

Introduce it with tact!

For many people there is still a taboo on anal sex. Some people like it, other people should not think about it, and others are curious and want to experiment with it. Anal sex is no longer something that only home mans do. Even straight men and women can enjoy doing it; after all it is an enrichment of your sex life. Going in through the back door is exciting for many men. Not only because it is often tighter than the vagina, but also because it is not something commonplace.

Tell her that anal sex can be very nice, and that she can even cum shot with the necessary work. The Anus is in fact a very erogenous zone; each groove is full of very sensitive nerve endings. Personally advise to be sure that there is mutual trust. Precisely because it is such a sensitive spot, it is important that you know that it stops when you ask for it. Play with her Anus the moment you finger or bite her, at a time when she is very horny. However, be careful when changing between Anus and Vagina – more about that below! You can also get the some fun with the DIY Anal Beads.

Enjoy carefree

Switching between anal sex and vaginal sex is an absolute No Go! The bacteria in the Anus can cause inflammation and other unpleasant surprises in the Vagina if you change between times. For that reason, you also want to go into the Anus only with a condom.

Another argument for not having anal sex can be: “I do not think it’s hygienic” or “you’ll be taking something out later”. The perfect solution for this is the Anal Douche. This handy tool ensures that all residues still in the Rectum are flushed out.

Relaxation for intense pleasure

Anal sex is fine to do without pain or other unpleasant side effects. For that it is important that your partner is well relaxed. The sphincter is naturally very tight and scary; if you want to do anal sex it is important that she is relaxed.

I find it nice to give her a massage beforehand. Thanks to the massage she can relax and then you can cheer her up by stimulating her erogenous spots. From experience I know that the inside of her thighs are extremely sensitive, especially make use of this. Just before and during the cum shot you are usually horny. At that moment it is generally the best to be touched at the anus. Take this into account if you are new to anal sex.

The smoother, the better

The Anus does not become moist like a Vagina on excitement. If you want both of you to enjoy sex, and then make sure you have enough lubricant. The lubricant that is already on the condom is insufficient in this case! If you do not use a lubricant then the feeling is similar to pushing your tongue against a sander. In addition, wounds that can later infect can be created by rubbing. Of course we do not want that!

Ensure the correct construction

You have let her relax and your penis is smeared with lubricant, you are also very horny and the first thing you probably want to do is stuff your penis … Do not do that! Despite the relaxation, chances are that your ‘Fun Stick’ is too much to start with. Warm her first by going in with one finger. Only when this is okay can you continue with a second finger. When she can enjoy this relaxed, it’s time to introduce her butt to your ‘pleasure buds’. You can also prepare her for anal sex before, do this with the objects mentioned in the first video. This way you can prepare her for the real work.

Is anal sex bad for the sphincter?

This is a question that is often asked, and that could possibly be a dealbreaker. It therefore seems to me a good idea to help this out of the world. When anal sex is done cautiously with sufficient lubricant and warming / preparation, your ‘pleasure’ is not absurd, and you do not do it all too often … then the sphincter completely recovers.

Communication is the key to success

Sometimes it is quite difficult, but once you are busy communication is very important. Make sure your girlfriend clearly shows what does and does not feel good to her. If it becomes a rock experience, it means that she is probably not in for a second time. It must be nice, so listen carefully to your girlfriend. The most sensitive moment of anal sex is when you put your penis in it, and when you take ‘him’ out of it again. That is why you can only get your penis out when you are ready, or as soon as you have enough of it. Remember that anal sex should not hurt. If this is the case then it may be that she is not ready yet, or that you are too harsh to work.

For the male daredevils

As you can see, he is getting quite ready (not really natural, but it’s about the idea). When you as a man get a prostate massage you can cum with a much more intense orgasm. The prostate sits approximately five centimeters deep in the anus on the belly side.

Vibrating anal toys

These toys are ideal for when you do not necessarily want to insert something, but want to play your anus. For example, you can hold an anal vibrator against your orbicular muscle to stimulate the nerves in that area. You can also insert the toy if you wish. Besides the vibrations feel good, the vibrations have a relaxing effect for the muscles in and around your anus. A good anal vibrator is the Vibrating Smoothie from Anal fantasy. This anal vibrator has smooth forms, is waterproof and easy to use.