Ways you can pleasure your girl in bed with butt plugs

How can you drive your girlfriend wild with a butt plug and turn her into your naughty anal queen? We’ll reveal some of the best ways you can pleasure your girl in bed with butt plugs!

Anal play is becoming more and more common, and tons of couples are experimenting with it. Most girls are starting to love it, and even those that don’t are willing to try it in order to please their partners or experiment with new sex acts. If you want to know how to drive your girlfriend crazy and give her some unforgettable orgasms, we’ll reveal some of the best ways you can pleasure your girl in bed with butt plugs!

Use it as a blowjob accessory

Butt plugs are incredibly versatile sex toys for heterosexual sex. If your girl agrees to try one in bed, you can use it in countless different ways to get her to reach some epic orgasms. Of course, that will all depend on your girlfriend’s turn-ons and fantasies. Many women enjoy anal stimulation with butt plugs because they enhance the pleasure. If you use them correctly, you could give your girlfriend huge clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms, or even a mix of all three!

One of the best tips is to slide the plug into your girlfriend’s booty and ask her to give you a BJ. Obviously, her warm mouth on your erect penis will feel incredible for you. However, the plug will turn her on even more while your cock is in her mouth. There’s also a visual element to this, so you can have her kneel in front of a mirror and enjoy the view of her plugged asshole. What’s more, the plug will stimulate her as she sucks you off. She’ll also be able to rub her clit or use a vibrator to get even more turned on.

Make her feel full

It’s no secret that many girls get extremely turned on when they feel filled up. A butt plug does this perfectly since it applies pressure and tightness inside the anus. It stimulates the sensitive nerve endings and boosts pleasure during other sexual activities.

Speaking of filling her up, many women enjoy double penetration, but most are reluctant to try it in real life. If this is the case for your GF, don’t hesitate to get her an anal plug. You can push this toy inside of her booty and penetrate her vagina with your penis in doggy style to simulate double penetration. You’ll give her an intense stuffed sensation, and you can even move the plug up and down during vaginal intercourse for extra stimulation.

Get her warmed up for anal

If you want anal sex for your birthday, and she’s reluctant to try it, get a butt plug from lovegasm to see how she responds to anal penetration. Butt plugs are recommended for newbies who have never been stretched out down there. A small silicone plug will allow her to experiment with light butt play. If you go slowly and use lots of lube, she’ll get an inkling of how anal sex would feel.

What’s more, using a plug for anal prep is a must for many girls. It can stretch your girlfriend out and make her accustomed to the sensation. That way, she won’t feel discomfort or pain. If she’s a complete anal newbie, you will have to be extremely careful. Insert the butt plug in slowly to gradually initiate her into the anal lovers club! From there, you can try the other tips we’ve suggested or make her cum through oral sex.

The plug will bring her tons of pleasure, especially if you combine it with other types of stimulation. In time, she could become your anal queen! Another tip here is to play with her fantasies. If she loves being submissive, an anal training session will be the perfect setting for you to exercise your dominance.

Touching your g-spot

The male G-spot or the P-spot is an often unexplored area for many guys. Yet, it’s a highly sensitive erogenous zone that can bring you strong prostate orgasms. Some girls could really be into seeing you have a loud and massive orgasm, especially if they are the ones who can provide it for you.

If you’ve never tried to stimulate your prostate, you could get a prostate massager plug. Your girlfriend can push the plug inside you and stimulate that spot. That way, she will feel like she’s in control. She can do this with a standard or vibrating butt plug. Meanwhile, ask her to go down on you or give you pleasure in other ways.

This is especially effective for dominant girls who love making guys explode. If you’ve never tried prostate play, it’s definitely time to find out just how powerful a P-spot orgasm can be. Plus, you’ll fulfill your girl’s fantasies of penetrating you.

Explore the unknown

There are so many sex acts that you can try with a butt plug. Butt stuff is still a bit taboo for most people, but that’s what makes it so fun. If you get this toy, you can try acts that feel wrong or forbidden. That includes various kinks like roleplay, wearing a butt plug in public, BDSM, anal domination, temperature play, forced orgasms, gaping, prostate play, and so on.

If your girl has lots of similar fantasies, there’s definitely a chance that a butt plug will make them come true. However, if you want to explore the unknown, have a long talk with your girlfriend and ask her about what she wants to try in bed. The dirtiest, naughtiest, and weirdest sex acts are usually the ones that are the most pleasurable.

What’s more, trying kinky things like ass worship and domination or DP with toys isn’t only about the pleasure. Butt plugs can refresh your sex life, increase intimacy, and build an even more intimate connection with your partner.

Your anal adventures begin today!

Now that we’ve shown you how to pleasure your girlfriend with a butt plug, it’s time to order one and try some of our tips to make your girl beg for more!