Sex-Related Issues People Are Facing in India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world, with almost 1.4 billion people living in this Eastern gem of a place. With such a large population, sex issues are more common than in other countries with a smaller population.


The biggest problem people in India are facing is low-quality health care. The health care system is full of undertrained doctors, and the clinics are often overcrowded. Not only is public health in dire need of improvement, but informing the population about safe sex and possible dysfunctions should be a top priority too.

Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Even though India is the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, sexual dysfunctions are still very much a thing there. Some research shows that men in India suffer from sexual dysfunctions more than men in other countries. This is mostly because of the bad healthcare system available and the lack of financial ability to visit private health clinics. Sex issues target men of all ages, but the most critical group are gents over the age of 40.


Some of the most common health issues men face when it comes to sex include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, and even hypoactive sexual desire syndrome. A lot of sex issues men are facing are treatable in one way or another. But, since the information isn’t readily available, many leave these dysfunctions untreated.

The reason why more than 20% of men in India experience health issues related to sex is the lack of sex education. Other reasons include poor healthcare, lack of interest in dealing with sex-related issues, and bad habits such as eating spicy or fatty food, little or no exercise, and smoking. Just eliminating these bad habits would eliminate many sex issues men are facing in India.

Contraceptive Use

The use of contraception is widely accepted not only in India but across the entire globe. Using contraception is safe, simple, and has many benefits. Aside from protecting women from unwanted pregnancies, these medications help with acne, hormone disbalance, and cramping during periods. It also makes periods regular — an issue many women are facing.


When women become sexually active, it’s of the utmost importance to start thinking about contraception or other forms of sex safety. A gynecologist can prescribe a specific type of contraception after a woman does all the checkups and bloodwork. One of the biggest misconceptions is that contraceptive medication is a one-type-fits-all thing. But it isn’t. It’s important to get the right contraception that will have the best effect on you.


Single women use contraception to practice safer sex, although condoms are recommended no matter if contraceptive medication is used or not. Married women use contraception as a form of safety against unwanted pregnancy, but also due to irregular periods. 


When it comes to the psychological effect of contraception on women, it usually depends from person to person. Some experience a larger sex drive, while other users experience overall health improvements such as skin condition, less painful periods, and better mood.

Sex Education

Sex and sex education are still taboo in India and will probably remain taboo for some time. Just a couple of years ago, sex education was completely banned in India and was replaced by yoga in schools. Just recently, the subject was introduced back to schools where students can now learn about different sex issues and dysfunctions they may encounter in the future, but also about health and safe sex.


The good thing is that more than half the population of India uses the internet. By using modern technology, people can find the information they need about sex and sexual issues. More and more information is translated to Hindi so even people who don’t understand English or other languages can get all the information required about certain issues and dysfunctions.

India is currently in a transitional phase when it comes to sex and sexuality. Until recently, it was considered taboo to talk to someone about sex issues, let alone ask for information from professionals. Today, sex education is becoming available to more people. However, there are still a lot of people with little to no education about this topic.

Child Abuse

A bone-chilling number of children have been sexually abused in India. More than 30,000 children were reported abused in 2017. But the biggest issue is that almost 40,000 cases were filed for child abuse just a year later. Research shows that more than a hundred children are victims of sex abuse in India each day. The problem is how many cases are left unreported.


There are many reasons why India has such a devastating number of sex abuse cases, some of which include poverty, a large number of homeless children, and overcrowded living. Poverty is certainly the biggest reason where wealthier individuals scam underaged children into sexual activities, promising them money or other valuables. 


Statistics say that most cases occur between children and someone in their trust circle, not just in India but everywhere. The only way to reduce these numbers is by introducing strict consequences to those who commit these felonies. Sex issues with children involved have been ignored for too long in India due to Laws that didn’t acknowledge sexual abuse the way western countries do.


India is amongst the top three countries in the world when it comes to the number of people infected with the HIV virus. More than 2 million people are living with HIV in India. But, the good thing is that this number is declining each year.


Most men who tested positive on this virus have admitted to having unsafe sex with other men or consider themselves sex workers. The biggest issue people come across is the inability to visit an adequate clinic to get proper treatment. 

As mentioned before, the healthcare system in India is one of the worst in this part of the world. Rural areas are barely covered by public clinics. This makes it extremely hard to get diagnosed and treated, given the financial situation in the country.


The lack of education is to blame. So much time has passed that people are left without the basic information about this serious virus and the effects it can have on the infected and their families. Sexual dysfunctions are nothing compared to the severity of HIV and its effects on the person infected. That’s why it’s so important to have proper sex education at an early age.