4 Ways to Pleasure Yourself with Anal Beads

To fall into the house with the (back door), anal sex, you love it or you do not like it. But it does not have to be that way! When you know how you start with anal sex, chances are that it will be enrichment for your sex life.

Introduce it with tact!

For many people there is still a taboo on anal sex. Some people like it, other people should not think about it, and others are curious and want to experiment with it. Anal sex is no longer something that only home mans do. Even straight men and women can enjoy doing it; after all it is an enrichment of your sex life. Going in through the back door is exciting for many men. Not only because it is often tighter than the vagina, but also because it is not something commonplace.

Tell her that anal sex can be very nice, and that she can even cum shot with the necessary work. The Anus is in fact a very erogenous zone; each groove is full of very sensitive nerve endings. Personally advise to be sure that there is mutual trust. Precisely because it is such a sensitive spot, it is important that you know that it stops when you ask for it. Play with her Anus the moment you finger or bite her, at a time when she is very horny. However, be careful when changing between Anus and Vagina – more about that below! You can also get the some fun with the DIY Anal Beads.

Enjoy carefree

Switching between anal sex and vaginal sex is an absolute No Go! The bacteria in the Anus can cause inflammation and other unpleasant surprises in the Vagina if you change between times. For that reason, you also want to go into the Anus only with a condom.

Another argument for not having anal sex can be: “I do not think it’s hygienic” or “you’ll be taking something out later”. The perfect solution for this is the Anal Douche. This handy tool ensures that all residues still in the Rectum are flushed out.

Relaxation for intense pleasure

Anal sex is fine to do without pain or other unpleasant side effects. For that it is important that your partner is well relaxed. The sphincter is naturally very tight and scary; if you want to do anal sex it is important that she is relaxed.

I find it nice to give her a massage beforehand. Thanks to the massage she can relax and then you can cheer her up by stimulating her erogenous spots. From experience I know that the inside of her thighs are extremely sensitive, especially make use of this. Just before and during the cum shot you are usually horny. At that moment it is generally the best to be touched at the anus. Take this into account if you are new to anal sex.

The smoother, the better

The Anus does not become moist like a Vagina on excitement. If you want both of you to enjoy sex, and then make sure you have enough lubricant. The lubricant that is already on the condom is insufficient in this case! If you do not use a lubricant then the feeling is similar to pushing your tongue against a sander. In addition, wounds that can later infect can be created by rubbing. Of course we do not want that!

Ensure the correct construction

You have let her relax and your penis is smeared with lubricant, you are also very horny and the first thing you probably want to do is stuff your penis … Do not do that! Despite the relaxation, chances are that your ‘Fun Stick’ is too much to start with. Warm her first by going in with one finger. Only when this is okay can you continue with a second finger. When she can enjoy this relaxed, it’s time to introduce her butt to your ‘pleasure buds’. You can also prepare her for anal sex before, do this with the objects mentioned in the first video. This way you can prepare her for the real work.

Is anal sex bad for the sphincter?

This is a question that is often asked, and that could possibly be a dealbreaker. It therefore seems to me a good idea to help this out of the world. When anal sex is done cautiously with sufficient lubricant and warming / preparation, your ‘pleasure’ is not absurd, and you do not do it all too often … then the sphincter completely recovers.

Communication is the key to success

Sometimes it is quite difficult, but once you are busy communication is very important. Make sure your girlfriend clearly shows what does and does not feel good to her. If it becomes a rock experience, it means that she is probably not in for a second time. It must be nice, so listen carefully to your girlfriend. The most sensitive moment of anal sex is when you put your penis in it, and when you take ‘him’ out of it again. That is why you can only get your penis out when you are ready, or as soon as you have enough of it. Remember that anal sex should not hurt. If this is the case then it may be that she is not ready yet, or that you are too harsh to work.

For the male daredevils

As you can see, he is getting quite ready (not really natural, but it’s about the idea). When you as a man get a prostate massage you can cum with a much more intense orgasm. The prostate sits approximately five centimeters deep in the anus on the belly side.

Vibrating anal toys

These toys are ideal for when you do not necessarily want to insert something, but want to play your anus. For example, you can hold an anal vibrator against your orbicular muscle to stimulate the nerves in that area. You can also insert the toy if you wish. Besides the vibrations feel good, the vibrations have a relaxing effect for the muscles in and around your anus. A good anal vibrator is the Vibrating Smoothie from Anal fantasy. This anal vibrator has smooth forms, is waterproof and easy to use.