Pro Tips in Using Anal Plugs

Butt plug is an intimate device that gives fullness in the anus. With its help, you can prepare for anal sex, narrow the woman’s vagina, and massage the prostate to a man. Anal plugs with rhinestones or tails are used to decorate the body. But is dreaming of using butt plugs in Mars absurd? Does it make you gay? Let’s see how the models differ and what to look for when buying.

Butt plug

A special sex toy for the anus is called an anal plug. This device is inserted into the body and gives a feeling of fullness. Since there are a lot of sensitive endings in the anus area, the use of a special intimate object gives a strong arousal.

Butt plug consists of three parts: the immersion part, which can be of different shapes (cone, drop, etc.), narrow legs and stopper. The size of each part varies greatly. The form depends on the destination.

Application of anal plug

Butt plug can be used in pairs or alone. It is suitable for use by both men and women. Millions of plug models are sold worldwide every year. Most often they are used for the following purposes:

For a feeling of fullness: When an object is in the anus, excitement occurs. This is a pleasant sensation that helps to tune in to intimacy or masturbation. And the introduction of the device can be a very exciting process.

To prepare for anal sex: When the anus is used to a foreign object, there is no pain or desire to empty the intestines. If you leave the cork for 5-15 minutes in the body, then in the future the introduction of a member will be easier, and the pleasure from the process will be more.

For wearing and getting pleasure in any places: Butt plug can be used at work, walk or in the gym. It’s nice to feel that there is something inside. Today there are even models with remote control. And the vibration is turned on without touching the sex toy. Quiet motors can cause a bright orgasm, but no one around will guess about its cause.

For double penetration effect: When the anal plug is placed in the anus of a woman, the vagina is narrowed. As a result, vaginal sex gives the lady much more pleasure. And the man feels the difference. This is especially true for women with stretched muscles after childbirth or injury. And in the process of exploitation, it seems to a girl that two holes penetrate, and this is also very exciting.

For fisting or expansion: The feeling of stretching is an incredible pleasure. And cork allows you to get such experiences. There are even expanding models that are ideal for fisting.

Difference of the anal plug from the stimulator

Butt plug and anal stimulator are completely different subjects. Their use is very different. Stimulator is immersed in the body and makes them progressive or circular movements. His goal – frictions, he replaces a member of a man. The anal plug is inserted into the body and left in it. Its movements are carried out at the introduction stage. Then she is motionless. Of course, you can enter and remove the device several times, but uniform translational actions will not work.

People who use butt plug

Butt plug is the second most popular sex toy after a vibrator. This item is bought by people of different sexes, ages and preferences. But who is especially helpful to buy anal plug?

Lovers of anal sex: Both beginners and practitioners will often benefit from a similar subject. Cork will help prepare the anus for a dive or dildo. It will avoid pain, cracks, and discomfort in the process. It is especially needed for those who experience discomfort during anal caresses. Cork will eliminate all these experiences.

People who love the feeling of fullness: This experience may be appropriate during foreplay, sex, or even domestic affairs. Being inside the body of the sleeve for the anus will give excitement.

Couples who are looking for new experiences: The process of buying, the first experiences of use, experiments with cork will allow to diversify the sex life. The exchange of impressions, the search for new solutions will bring together partners, make sexual contact brighter.

Women after childbirth, to narrow the fold: Until the vagina comes to tone, sensuality can be enhanced with the help of the anal plug. This will make orgasms more frequent. And the man will be more pleasant too.

Those who want to use sex toys not only at home: Butt plugs for wearing can be used at work, on a walk, in the gym and in any other circumstances. They do not interfere with movement, are not visible under clothing.

Men for prostate massage: This medical procedure can be done at home. Special curved anal plugs will help to affect the desired area. And this is an excellent prevention of male diseases, a way to maintain sexual power for many years.

Connoisseurs of anus expansion: †For lovers of fisting create big butt plugs. Their girth can reach tens of centimeters, and their use is safer than the use of available tools for stimulation.

Buy butt plug costs even as a first sex toy. She will allow to experiment, will present unusual sensations.

Types of anal plugs

It is a lot of butt plugs; they differ in a form, materials, and mission. If you divide them by type, you can select several categories:

Butt plugs for beginners. These are devices with a minimum diameter. The widest part does not exceed 2.5 cm. Small plugs help a person to get used to the object in the anus. It does not injure the delicate skin.

Butt plugs for wearing. These are objects whose stop is located between the buttocks and does not interfere with movements. Most often, the models are flexible and soft, they take the form of the body, do not press on the intestinal walls. And these things are completely invisible under clothing.

Butt plugs with rhinestones. Decorative products are more often bought for gifts. Anal rhinestones look very impressive. Sometimes at the base is not just glass, but special crystals shimmering in the sun. There are smooth and embossed, hollow and heavy. There are models of different sizes. For movements, it is better to choose light options, and if you plan to just lie in bed with such a thing, then cast cork will be better suited.

Butt plugs with tail. Reincarnation in a fabulous character or an animal is possible with anal plug with a tail. Long and short tails of all colors and shapes are available. Make the tail of natural fur or artificial materials. The cork can be plastic, metal, silicone. There are options with a detachable tail to make it easier to clean the structure. You can find a sweet deal for metal and steel butt plugs at

If you’re interested, tail butt plugs are available at loveplugs.

Butt plugs with vibration. Existence of an internal motor considerably expands opportunities of application. Slight vibrations reinforce sensations; they can even cause bright orgasms. The more modes and speeds than exciting application.

Big butt plugs: Giants are created for those who have been practicing anal caress for a long time. These are things to stretch, often chosen by lovers of fisting. The diameter of such models is from 6 to 20 cm. It is recommended to use with lubricants specifically for anal toys.