How to Pleasure Yourself with a Silicone Butt Plug

Silicone butt plug is perhaps the most common, both among beginners and advanced users. The advantage of such plug-ins for such stimulation is in optimal rigidity, elasticity, besides, silicone anal toys are easy to disinfect and they are durable.

Plus will be a variety of types and decor. Traditionally, such a butt plug silicone comes in a pike-like shape, although elongated, curved and in shape of the penis are also relevant. Moreover, the height and thickness of the product varies from very small, ideal for those who have never had the experience of savory caress, to huge – about 18 cm with a diameter of about 6 cm.

Silicone plugs are suitable and for constant wear, besides comfortable parameters you have a chance to choose a design, for example, the most popular decoration option for a toy’s base – rhinestones, fur tails.

Exquisite solution glass butt plug

For fans of unconventional sex in our store there is a piquant and unusual accessory butt plug from glass. These are not only functional, but also beautiful toys. They can be transparent and matte, monotonous and combining several colors, but each of them looks exciting. So Can you cure or worsen erectile dysfunction using butt plug?† Let us follow on.

Benefits Of Butt Plugs

  • Glass sex toys are very popular due to the distinctive properties of this material.
  • Perfect smoothness for easy penetration and glide.
  • Cool surface. Anal glass stimulator will provide new sensations. A sleeve made of glass will give a chance to experience new depths of pleasure.
  • Antibacterial properties. Due to perfect smoothness, bacteria do not linger on the surface of the glass stopper.
  • Easy to care. It is enough to rinse the glass toy with water to clean it and prepare it for later use.

What are anal glass stimulants?

In appearance, sleeves may be different, but the most popular conical or oval shape. This toy guarantees a gradual and painless expansion of the anus and its preparation for subsequent sex. Glass anal Christmas tree consists of several ovals or cones, each of which is connected by a narrower base. It was created for naughty erotic games, when each element is introduced into the anus gradually.

Butt plugs of glass in the sex shop can have massage points or a relief surface, which also diversifies your feelings. Choose any of the glass accessories in our sex shop!

A conical shaped butt plug with a comfortable ring at the bottom of the Bottoms Up Finger Rimmers is an amazing toy for sex games. Its shape and size are perfect for not experienced users who are only going to comprehend the unknown world of anal caresses.

The toy is made of polyvinyl chloride a material that is smooth and sufficiently elastic. The total length of the stimulator is 7 cm, the length of the insertion part is 5 cm. The width of the plug is 1.9 cm.

Since the stimulator is intended for anal use, it is recommended to use it with a special lubricant, but only on a water basis. This accessory will allow you to safely and comfortably insert a cork and gain a pleasant and easy slip during direct stimulation.

Butt plugs with vibration

Anal stimulants are different and besides the usual anal plugs there are anal plugs with vibration. This subspecies of intimate toys is different in that a vibrator is mounted inside the toy that runs on batteries or rechargeable batteries. Vibration gives the usual anal plug new function, incredible opportunities, it gives a thrill. Such a toy can be used both in static and in dynamic status, it has two modes. They can also be equipped with a remote control or a stand-alone remote control. Also, a massager inside the anal plug with a vibrator can have different speeds. They may have different characteristics and capabilities: on batteries or with a built-in battery, bending or bending, with a wireless and wired remote, or with a built-in control, smooth or embossed,

Anal plugs, plugs, plugs

Online store “Euphoria” offers to buy comfortable and functional toys that will give deep pleasure. Butt plugs today are very popular. They can be used by people of any gender and sexual orientation. These toys are designed for self-masturbation, and for use in conjunction with stimulation of the vagina, penis, clitoris. They make erotic pleasure more acute, and sensations – bright and unusual.

The assortment of anal plug

They offer all popular models of anal plugs:

  • prostate stimulants with a bowed head
  • extenders with a special pear
  • models with suction cup that can be mounted on a chair or wall
  • cork jewelery with a crystal at the base or a decorative tail for Pet-play
  • sets for beginners from several toys of different diameters
  • vibrostimulators

The catalog presents the original products of proven brands: Doc Johnson, Gopaldas, NS Novelties and others. At production modern hypoallergenic materials are used. The choice of anal plug depends on what sensations you want to experience. Glass and metal provide the smoothest possible sliding and rigid penetration. Flexible silicone has a velvety texture. Thermoplastic rubber instantly adjusts to body temperature. Cyberskin simulates contact with a real body.

The advantages of buying anal plug

  • Full privacy.
  • Reasonable prices for original and quality products.
  • You can buy anal plug in the retail salon or with delivery in Samara region

The disadvantages of anal plugs

In general, butt plug is a great sex toy that does an excellent job with its functions. Preparation of the anus for the introduction of the penis, getting gentle, sensual pleasures, strengthening the female orgasm during normal sex, etc.

However, with all this, the anal plug still has several disadvantages. Call them significant can not, because in most cases they are invisible. But in some situations they appear, which means that it is still necessary to know about them. Let’s look at the most important disadvantages of anal plugs in order to know in advance about the pitfalls associated with the use of these toys.

  • Weak stimulation. The described device is poorly suited for such fun as anal masturbation. It is difficult to imitate the penetration of the penis into the anus with the help of this toy. It’s all about the special form of this product. Indeed, the butt plug is designed to relax the sphincter, and not to stimulate it, so to experience a little bit vivid sensations will not work.
  • Low functionality. Butt plug solves several problems at once. However, it can not be called a functional toy. For example, the anal vibrator with a great desire can be used to influence the vagina, clitoris, nipples and even the male genitals. The described toy is not suitable for all this, since it was created just for penetration into the anus. Of course, there are options for traffic jamsvery significant dimensions that can stimulate the vagina, but in this article we are considering the classical models of this device.
  • Unrealistic appearance. Butt plug has a far from realistic design. In other words, it resembles the male genital very weakly. And this is a minus, since many owners of sex toys are accustomed to the fact that they can be excited by one look at their favorite toy. But the anal plug is unlikely to cause thoughts about sex, as its form is completely subject to the requirements of ergonomics, and not aesthetics.
  • The need for frequent replacements. Butt plug is a toy for girls just starting to enjoy such pleasures. And therein lies another problem. The fact is that as soon as the anus of a woman got used to this device, it is necessary to purchase a product with large dimensions. Only in this case will it be possible to train the anus using the LP training kit for painless penetration of the penis and other more impressive toys into it. Thus, on the way from a beginner to a sophisticated lover of anal pleasures, the representative of the fair sex will have to change more than one traffic jam.